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HEET Diesel protection, performance, start in the cold

The leading product in the HEETTM Diesel range is HEET Diesel Complete Fuel System Treatment which is a concentrated year round formula which cleans fuel injectors, boosts power and prevents gelling.

Designed to lubricate fuel pumps and injectors to extend their life, the HEET Diesel Complete Fuel System Treatment gives a power boost by increasing combustion quality by up to 4 Cetane numbers.

This improves towing performance by up to 6.7% torque, 2% power and also improves fuel economy up to 3-7% depending on the quality of the initial fuel.
This alcohol free formula demulsifies water and inhibits corrosion in fuel injectors, pumps and fuel lines.

It also reduce diesel gelling in cold weather. There is other high performance specialist products in the HEET Diesel range, check them out at

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